Program Services

The Wayne County Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program seeks to assist residents at risk of foreclosure through the following avenues. The program may be contacted at (313) 833-2948 or (877) 693-6199


This website has been created for the MFPP which contains links to valuable sites, materials for use in credit counseling and foreclosure counseling. Residents will be instructed to download and complete the forms to the best of their abilities and contact the MFPP for an appointment to discuss their mortgage foreclosure situation.


Once residents contacts the MFPP, the MFPP will perform a foreclosure status assessment to determine at what stage in the foreclosure process that case is in. The MFPP will assist the resident in preparing an emergency family budget, cutting out unnecessary expenses and will perform a financial status assessment in order to determine if the family can actually afford to remain in the home.


Once the financial assessment and foreclosure status assessment are completed, the MFPP will make recommendations about the types of options that the resident has in that situation. The lender will be contacted and a negotiated settlement will be commenced and a settlement agreement will be reached with the lender.

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