Unfortunately, mortgage foreclosures are an epidemic in Wayne County. The experts predict that in 2009, there will be as many as 75,000 homes that will go into mortgage foreclosure in Wayne County. What you need to understand is that you are not alone. To address this crisis, Wayne County created and offers to residents the Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program. Allow us to educate you about your options irrespective of where you are in the mortgage foreclosure process. With our national and local partners, including our network of local housing counseling agencies, United Way 2-1-1, Fannie Mae, and many others, we seek to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to mortgage foreclosure prevention. That means that we review each and every case, determine what options are available to your family, and where warranted, directly and completely negotiate your case with your lender or Mortgage Company. Let our team of highly skilled and experienced foreclosure counselors help you. You can access our program by clicking on the tab at the top left hand corner that says, “Resident Resources” then select the button “Submit Your Case Online.” Once you have completed your application, a certified, experienced foreclosure counselor will be in contact with you to assist you in negotiating with your mortgage company.


Wayne County is seeking to address the foreclosure crisis currently gripping the county and many of its residents. In collaboration with lenders, investors and local housing counseling agencies, Wayne County aims to mitigate this crisis through the Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program. Through this initiative and at no cost to the citizen, residents at risk of mortgage foreclosure will gain viable options through a process of foreclosure education, process awareness and intervention. In addition to mortgage foreclosure prevention service, as a result of our partnership with United Way 2-1-1, we may be able to offer your family homes for sale, free of charge, assistance with other basic family needs. 2-1-1 is a 24/7/365 hotline that is anonymous and helps people connect with resources to improve their lives. This includes mortgage foreclosure assistance, utility assistance, rent assistance, educational programs, food, clothing, and other basic family needs. When you contact one of our mortgage foreclosure counselors ask about additional assistance that your family may be able to receive.

Please note that this opportunity is only for borrowers who are behind or in default.


Education and Awareness

The Wayne County Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program (MFPP) will organize educational seminars to actively engage and educate citizens about the foreclosure process and its pitfalls. At no cost to the citizen, these seminars will aim to create awareness of the mortgage foreclosure process and identify options from lenders, government and other financial institutions to assist the borrower in avoiding foreclosure. Additionally, the official MFPP website will provide citizens tools to combat foreclosure crisis, including access to all educational materials, video presentations, and an online system designed to streamline the foreclosure case submission process.


When receiving a foreclosure case for review, Wayne County will provide targeted counseling to citizens aimed at mitigating foreclosure. Wayne County will also be linked to a powerful Collaboration Network of HUD- and MSHDA-certified counseling agencies to analyze cases and recommend viable options to avoid mortgage foreclosure.
The program may be contacted at (313) 833-2948 or (877) 693-6199.


Once the financial assessment and foreclosure status assessment is completed, the MFPP will make recommendations regarding the resident's options. Next, the lender will be contacted to negotiate a settlement and a settlement agreement will be reached with the lender.

For more information, please contact the Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program at (313) 833-2948 or (877) 693-6199.

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